RISMEDIA: Ways to Create More Effective and Engaging Real Estate Websites

Get Engaged: Best Real Estate Web Sites Detailed in New Report
RISMEDIA, March 21, 2007-The Web Marketing Association, host of leading Web site awards competition WebAwards, released the Internet Standards Assessment Report (ISAR) to help the real estate industry create more effective and engaging Web sites.

“As the standard of excellence for Web sites continues to increase, consumers (and WebAward judges) are increasingly picky about what they consider to be an effective Web site,” said William Rice, president of the Web Marketing Association, Inc. “Real Estate Web sites often focus too much on listings and not enough on the other additional factors that influence purchasing decisions like community, schools and local offerings. Those who do, are ahead of the curve.”

The WebAwards competition judges real estate Web sites on seven criteria that combined create award-winning Web sites:

• Design
• Innovation
• Content
• Technology
• Interactivity
• Copywriting
• Ease of use

Real estate Web sites have underperformed the ISAR Index for the past four years. Prior to 2003, their performance has been mixed with a see-saw like over and under performance.

According to the ISAR Study, real estate Web sites are strongest in content and ease of use while being weakest in innovation. Real estate Web sites need to focus on providing a total user experience, giving the visitor all information they need to take the next step in the sales cycle whether it’s requesting a showing or purchasing.

Leveraging technology, animation and videos would upgrade real estate Web sites and provide the user with the information he or she craves.

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