Starwood’s Virtual Aloft Hotel Launches Today

Today is launch day for the new Virtual Aloft Hotel. What we find interesting about this project is that many of the changes to the Aloft Hotel are a result of suggestions made by Second Life users, with a plan to implement a lot of these same design changes in their real hotels as well.

Here is an exerpt from the Aloft website describing the launch.
Aloha! We are pleased to announce the reopening of the virtual aloft. Over the past few months, we have actively solicited input from you, the Second Life residents, on such design features as public spaces, guest rooms and exteriors – everything from color palette to space planning. After reviewing all of your comments, several changes to the overall design of aloft are a direct result from your feedback. Not only have these changes been applied to the virtual hotel, they will also be reflected in the “real-life” aloft hotels.

We are unveiling the newly renovated virtual hotel this Tuesday, May 8th. You will be able to walk through the hotel, sit down on the new furniture, and enjoy all the other new textiles and prints and much more. We are also celebrating the re-opening of the hotel in Second Life with a meet-and-greet session and an informal Q & A with the real-life aloft team later on Tuesday at 8PM ET/5PM Second Life time.

As aloft segues from the virtual world to the physical world, the donation of the aloft land to the Second Life community will also be announced at the re-opening ceremony. Until Friday, June 1st, Second Life residents can submit ideas on the best use of the land once the virtual aloft closes. Submissions should be 500 words or less and can be emailed to Cider Starbrook or through a notecard drop box inside the virtual aloft hotel. In early June, the aloft team will announce who won the rights to the island and will present the land to the new owner.

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