Unveiled as ‘MySpace for Real Estate

To follow up on my post from the 27th of this month describing the use of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook by real estate professionals, today’s Rismedia had a press release on the launch of unveiled as ‘MySpace for Real Estate’. We will be doing some more research on this site but it seems like a great tool for the real estate industry and will surely evolve as the real and virtual world technologies converge.

RISMEDIA, May 30, 2007-Eighty percent of consumers use the Internet as their primary resource while searching for real estate and professionals. While many real estate professionals may have their own Web page or utilize one of the industry Web sites for real estate agents, there has not been one solely designated real estate networking site completely dedicated to all parties involved in the real estate industry– including agents, consumers, investors, builders, lenders, developers, appraisers, brokers, and more. Until now.

According to the company, was recently unveiled to fill this glaring void in the industry. And, by capitalizing on the networking models that have made sites like,, and so successful, is positioned to become the premier virtual real estate resource. The new site utilizes the latest technologies of the Web 2.0 revolution to keep all parties instantly and completely connected. Users are able to harness the power of SMS text messaging, podcasts, video casting, personal Web pages and more to enhance their real estate experience– whether business related or personal.

Katrina Adams, spokesperson for, explains, “’s networking abilities, that incorporate new technologies like text messaging, podcasting, and video services, transform the site into a complete virtual community. And, by including all aspects of the real estate industry, is a one-stop-shop for consumers where they can meet all of their needs, from lenders to appraisers to agents and more. We are certainly positioned to become the best real estate Web site on the market for these precise reasons.”

Professionals may also join the community and earn money through the referral network. This is yet another feature that makes stand out from the common crowd of Web sites for real estate agents.

Adams notes, “We are essentially bringing unity back to the real estate community. We want to dynamically connect agents and consumers without the annoyance of unwanted solicitations and additional fees. We do so by being an all-inclusive full service technology driven real estate marketplace.”

Agents and real estate professionals are also able to create their own Web page to feature on Then, they can use cutting-edge technology to mass market their services. SMS text messaging for appointments, videos to accompany listings, and personal podcasting. These are just a few of the benefits of joining the growing community at

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