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We just came across a new site ( that launched on Thursday that is quite interesting as it relates to my last few posts regarding the blending of different technologies in social networking sites. Here is a description of their service pulled from the About Us section of their website.

Gizmoz offers consumers a new generation of character-based visual expression for use across their digital lives. The Gizmoz service makes it easy and fun to create, customize, animate and share lifelike, 3D talking characters that enable consumers to put a unique face and voice to their digital communications.

Gizmoz characters can be fashioned either as a self-portrait starting from a single personal photo, or created using images from the Gizmoz library, all in just a matter of minutes. The result is a customized digital character that consumers can use to deliver personalized, lip-synched messages in video clips and other forms of original content.

Gizmoz characters provide consumers with a unique and engaging way to represent themselves, unleash their creativity, communicate, and have fun on social networking and video sharing sites, blogs, via email and more

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