Insight Media and US Display Consortium release study on 3D displays market

An interesting article from Insight Media describes the projected growth in the use of 3D technologies, specifically as it relates to the consumer market.

As with all other technologies, as they become more affordable, it can be assumed that a large number of consumer based applications will be launched into the market. strives to be a pioneer in the 3D explosion.

Insight Media – June 21, 2007

2007 is shaping up to be an exciting year for 3D technologies, according to Insight Media. The display industry analysts, with support from the US Display Consortium, released a comprehensive report on 3D display technologies, applications and markets, in conjunction with the Projection Summit held this week in Anaheim, CA, USA. While conventional wisdom sees 3D displays as niche market products, recent advances in 3D display technologies have given them image quality equal to the best LCD monitors and TVs and at price premiums that are in the range professionals and consumers have shown a willingness to pay.

The study indicates that key pieces of the 3D puzzle are falling into place and resulting in the adoption of 3D systems in several key market segments.

3D displays come in a wide variety of sizes from cellphone-sized to projectors capable of filling a giant cinema screen. These improved, moderate-cost technologies will first move into existing markets for 3D displays and enable the development of new, broader markets in the future.

Currently, 3D cinema is one of the most exciting areas of activity, but growth in consumer monitors and cellphone 3D displays are just around the corner too. Professional applications will also expand for stereoscopic 3D, holographic 3D and maybe even volumetric 3D displays. Digital Signage, data visualization and immersive environments top the list here.

“Throughout this report Insight Media has cut through the hype and wild forecasts that have been common in 3D systems throughout its 150+ year history,” said Matthew Brennesholtz, one of Insight Media’s principle analysts on the report. “We have strived to produce a report that comes to reasonable conclusions and forecasts based on the facts, markets and technologies. This is different from many previous studies of 3D technology that were often written by enthusiasts and contained wildly inflated predictions.”

About this study

The Insight Media 400-page report, “3D Technology and Markets; A Study of All Aspects of Electronic 3D Systems, Applications and Markets” coauthored by Matthew Brennesholtz and Art Berman, Ph.D., documents the current state of the 3D industry including displays, image sources, formats, standards, applications and markets. There is an in-depth evaluation of the current and forecast market, including industry revenue forecasts through 2011. These forecasts are broken down by display technology, display size and application category. Forecasts are also provided for specific markets, both in terms of unit sales and revenue streams.

In addition to display-specific material, the 3D Technology and Markets report contains an in-depth discussion of related technologies including ones for image generation, formats and standards. Special attention is paid to 3D video formats that are backward compatible with the existing 2D video infrastructure. The report also includes a list of 650+ companies, universities, consortia and standards bodies involved in 3D systems, with profiles on 26 of them.

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