Virtual Sales Office (iTheater Video Glasses)

Imagine creating a virtual sales office using only your video Ipod. A company in Japan, Mikimoto, has made this fantasy a reality with the release of their iTheater Video glasses. The 78g light video glasses create a 50 inch image seen from 2.5m. Besides connecting to the iPod photo and iPod video, any other video source can be connected to the Mikimoto Beans iTheater glasses.

A vision from A real estate agent or new property sales representative downloads a presentation which consists of 3D Walkthroughs, 3D Renderings and 3D Floor Plans to their iPod or laptop computer. They make an appointment to meet with a client where they sit them down in a quiet room and hook them up with the iTheater Video Glasses. The immersive experience effectively sells the property and allows the sales agent to close the deal.

Clearly there would be many more steps in the process, but with direction of today’s housing market it will be these type of innovative ideas that will help make one property stand out from another.

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