Does a Market Cool Down = A Marketing Cool Down

With the rapid cool down in the real estate market across the country, only time will tell how brokers and developers respond in terms of their marketing efforts.

Some schools of thought believe in putting more money into innovative marketing tools in an effort to sell their vacant properties while others will pull back their marketing efforts. believes that the former school of thought will prevail, however brokers and builders will seek marketing tools that are the most effective vs. ones that just “Look Cool”.

We also believe that the price a broker or developer is willing to pay for their marketing tools will be much more proportionate to the price of the property for sale. With that being said, sometimes the statement “You get what you pay for” holds water and therefore a more effective marketing solution might cost a little more but it might be worth it.

When we develop our products such as 3D Walkthroughs, 3D Renderings and our new Interactive 3D Floor Plans/Walkthroughs we constantly step back and re-evaluate it’s effectiveness in terms of marketing a property. Often times we make changes from our original concepts as things that seem like good ideas at first are not always the most effective in terms of selling a property…only time will tell how the market will respond to this industry cool down.

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