3D Keeps Getting More Real

Hitachi recently announced their newest developments in 3D Holographic Technology. It is predicted that this technology will be used, at least immediately, with engineering and manufacturing. It would certainly be interesting to see if 3d walkthroughs.com would be able to utilize this technology to showcase its 3d floorplans and 3d animations.

3D holographics tuned up by Hitachi
Mark Sutton August 14, 1:00pm
Advanced version of holographic technology developed using mirrors
Hitachi has announced that it has further developed 3D holographic technology. It is now claimed that it is possible to project a 3D image into mid-air using a rotating mirror system. The technology works via a rapid spinning action of mirrors placed around a displayed object. Hitachi says the technology could end up in schools and museums as well as industry.

It’s not hard to guess where the inspiration came from the 3D holographic technology (see Star Wars image) and it’s no surprise that the futuristic technology has now been developed.
It is predicted that the technology will be best used in engineering and manufacturing where the design process could be greatly aided by a holographic 3D model.

Three years ago Hitachi first announced that it had developed a way to make a 3D display, which worked by capturing 24 angles of an object and transmitting them to form objects of upto 10cm in height. It was also announced that an image as complex as that of a human could be formed.

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