NYC Taxis About To Install Marketing Machines in Each Car

Since is based in NY, we were interested in a company, “Creative Mobile Technologies”,that is about to bring to latest technology to the 13,000 taxi’s that drive around NYC. They are about to equip each taxi with a “passenger information monitor” that will allow each cab to accept credit/debit cards as well as show advertisments and other recent information. This technology will also offer a GPS system which will show the passenger their current location.

As this new venue in mass marketing expands to taxis, I can see our 3d floorplans, 3d animations and 3d walkthroughs being used as a intregral tool for developers to market their properties to potential NY residents.

Check out more about “Creative Mobile Technologies” below:

Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC (CMT), is a New York City based company that brings together longtime leaders in the New York City taxi industry with innovative minds in technology to create a new kind of company with a new kind of philosophy. CMT is the exclusive managing agent of Mobile Knowledge, a prime contractor that has received approval from the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) to proceed in furtherance of the proposal submitted in response to the Request for Proposals. Mobile Knowledge is a pioneer and world leader in taxi-data communications that holds patents on key functions of the passenger information monitor, a crucial component of the TLC technology mandate.

The story of CMT is the story of a taxi industry facing perhaps the greatest challenge in its 100-year history. In 2004, when the TLC mandated new taxi technologies including credit and debit card capability, text messaging, interactive passenger maps and electronic trip sheets, the industry had more questions than answers. After all, we got into the business to run taxicabs – not to run software.

So a group of industry leaders including lease managers, brokers, owner/drivers, lenders and fleet owners – large and small – started to evaluate what we needed to do, not only to comply with the mandate, but to elevate our business and make it more efficient, modern and profitable in the Information Age.

As taxi people, we knew the importance of cost and quality. We knew what we wanted to see in our taxicabs and how these new services should be integrated into our busy operations. And we certainly didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars for new equipment. So, we set out to find a solution that would seemingly do the impossible – provide taxi owners with FREE** use of the highest quality state-of-the-art equipment and a flexible overall solution based on an easy consolidated monthly usage fee that would give taxi owners the freedom to do what they do best – operate taxicabs.

As a result of these countless idea-sharing discussions and at the urging of taxi people from all segments of the industry who wanted a “by the industry for the industry” taxi technology solution, Ron Sherman, a longtime taxi industry leader, founded Creative Mobile Technologies. He is currently the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

With decades of taxi experience under our belts and the insights of so many friends and colleagues in the taxi industry, our challenge was in integrating all of the technology, banking and media components needed to realize this vision.

In 2005, Jesse H. Davis, a 25-year veteran of the financial and technology sectors, joined CMT as its President and Chief Operating Officer, arriving from Metlife, the country’s largest insurance company, where he led the successful integration of IT systems through three separate acquisitions including that of Traveler’s Life. Previously, Jesse was a Senior Vice President at the Bessemer Group in Woodbridge, New Jersey, one of the country’s premier wealth management firms for high net worth individuals, where he perfected a balance of technological skill and business management with a fine eye for the precision required of the financial services sector (Jesse has a BA in Mathematics from Columbia University and an MBA from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University).

Jesse’s expertise in making complicated and often disparate technologies into highly functional and distinctly innovative final products that work for real people in the real world made him ideally suited to the task that lay ahead for CMT.

With Jesse at the helm, CMT set out to develop and oversee a premier project team comprised of the best companies in banking, advertising and various technologies. CMT and Mobile Knowledge forged key and exclusive strategic business partnerships with Clear Channel, an international leader in advertising with a major stake in the New York taxi industry; Bank of America, one of the country’s largest banks, whose subsidiary Bank of America Merchant Services is a world leader in credit and debit card account processing services and World Line Communications Corp., which has more than a decade of experience building complex, large scale IT infrastructure projects for banking, retail, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies including Fortune 500 corporations.

In 2006, as CMT evolved from just a gleam in the industry’s eyes to a world class taxi technology provider, Jed Appelbaum, who is widely respected in the taxi industry, joined the team as Vice President in charge of Operations. Jed, a former Assistant Commissioner of Safety and Emissions at the TLC, who joined the agency in 1977, ran operations at its main inspection facility in Woodside, Queens, supervising a staff of 60 and overseeing the inspection process of over 60,000 taxicabs annually as well as the inspection of all licensed meter shops. In 2003, he oversaw the $10M renovation of the inspection facility, resulting in one of the newest and most advanced automobile inspection facilities in the world. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Operations for the Northeast Region at Clear Channel Taxi Media.

Another key member of the CMT team is Mike Sahm, Vice President, Sales and Customer Relations. Mike spent 20 years in sales for the auto electronics industry before serving as Vice President of Operations for Medallion Financial Media, the national outdoor advertising firm that included advertising sales for New York City taxi tops. While at Medallion, Mike’s integrity and his personal, “knock-on-the-door” style earned him widespread respect industry-wide. As a result, he built a vast network of lasting relationships in the New York City taxi industry that hold firm today.

To find out more information about the FREEdom Solution, call Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC, contractor agent for Mobile Knowledge Corp., at 718-349-7700.

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