Real Estate Tools Built for the iPhone

An article today in RISMEDIA describes the release of new lead routing tools built specifically for the iPhone. expects to see many new applications built for the iPhone and marketed to real estate professionals. While I have personally been holding off on joining the iPhone craze, that will end after I make my purchase this weekend.

I am very curious how effective the iPhone is going to be for sending and receiving media formats such as 3D Walkthroughs and 3D Renderings. It will be interesting to witness the speed of delivery, visual quality and allowable interactivity of our various media formats once I get comfortable with all the iPhone features. I will certainly keep you posted…

RISMEDIA, August 23, 2007—a la mode, a real estate technology company, has announced the release of lead routing tools built for the iPhone(TM).

This announcement highlighted a number of new feature integrations with the iPhone, following earlier lead management features introduced in August. iPhone lead routing and management functionality is part of a la mode’s broader “real estate now” mobile technology initiative.

a la mode is the first company to provide brokers and agents the ability to manage and route Web site leads on an iPhone. a la mode’s lead routing capabilities for the iPhone come at a time when:

— Almost three quarters of all home buyers consider a real estate agent’s
response time either a “very important” or an “extremely important”
factor in their decision when choosing an agent to work with. Nine out
of ten Internet home buyers say the same.

— Forty-seven percent of home buyers who use the Internet to select an
agent and 43% of non-Internet buyers say they select their agent
because the agent is either the first or the quickest to respond to his
or her inquiry.*

“The mobile era has changed how real estate business is done,” commented Rusty Lindquist, a la mode’s Vice President of Broker and Agent Products. “Other systems equip users with mobile access to data. But that’s no longer enough in today’s ‘real estate now’ climate.”

Brokers and agents need the ability to process that information, and act on it instantly, Lindquist stressed. “Sometimes that means immediately sending a lead to a particular agent, or agent team, and sometimes it means routing leads directly to an automated drip marketing campaign based on their specific responses to a lead form,” Lindquist said.

“Our new mobile lead routing and management features allow agents and brokers the mobile flexibility to process leads on the go.”

The newest iPhone integration with a la mode’s Agent and Broker XSite Web sites allow real estate professionals to immediately assign a Web lead to an agent, directly from their iPhone, or to a routing group, for “round-robin” group distribution. Also with the update, agents and brokers alike can assign a lead to a la mode’s automatic marketing suite, XSellerate, and immediately start a drip marketing campaign targeted specifically to the lead, such as first time buyers, high-end sellers, and so on.

Real estate lead routing and management for the iPhone enables real estate professionals on the go to more effectively manage, monitor, and respond to leads — even when brokers and agents are away from the office.

“While our mobile tools will work on any Web-enabled mobile device, the iPhone gives REALTORS(R) a unique and compelling navigational experience that lends itself well to new and advanced users alike,” Lindquist said.

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