Student Safety, Emergency First Responders and 3D Mobile Technology

An incident Tuesday at St. Johns University in Queens has revitalized‘s efforts towards finding ways to utilize our technology to make students and emergency first responders more aware of their surroundings during a crisis situation.

While watching news coverage of the event unfolding at St. Johns, I learned of a company called Mir3. One of Mir3’s products, inCampusAlert, successfully sent text messages to students at St. Johns informing them of Tuesday’s crisis in real time.

It is becoming apparent to me that all of the technologies that can make a difference in terms of the safety of students and emergency first responders already exists today. The challenge is making all of these technologies work together. Examples of these technologies include: Text Messaging, GPS Technology, 3D Walkthroughs, 360 Degree Real Time Camera’s, Mobile Phones’s Supporting Video, etc.

One of our ideas includes a secured real time broadcast which launches during an emergency and is sent to specific mobile devices. The broadcast would include a realistic 3D Walkthrough of the entire location, use GPS technology to show a person exactly where they are within the facility, and make suggestions as to the best way to find an exit.

We are actively looking for partners to help us devlelop this product.

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