Using Facebook to Market New and Existing Real Estate Properties

A new application available on Facebook, LivePad, allows users to take advantage of their contact lists and networks to buy or sell real estate properties.

Facebook users looking to buy a home can enter the specific information about what they are looking for, view the possible search results and then save these results to their Facebook profiles.

Conversely, home sellers and real estate professionals can use the LivePads application to list information about their properties for sale which can then be posted to their profiles and shared with their networks.

Similar to other real estate sites, buyers fill out a form that includes all of their desired criteria. The LivePad applicaton then taps into the Google Base database revealing search results which can then be added to a users profile.

The 47 million active Facebook users makes the LivePad application very powerful. Buyers and sellers can tap into their multiple Facebook profiles and take advantage of this huge audience. believes the LivePad application is a valuable tool for marketing new property developments as well as existing real estate. 3D Renderings, 3D Floor Plans, and links to 3D Walkthroughs can be listed on Facebook profiles set up by developers or their marketing departments.

We have been hearing a lot about Facebook recently and we are amazed at the magnitude of new applications that are being launched on Facebook on a daily basis. While some of these applications are just fun widgets, applications such as LivePads offer a very effective way of marketing new and existing real estate.
The LivePads application, is available at

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