SpaceTime 2 – 3D Search Engine Has Just Launched it’s Beta 2 Version

Spacetime, the 3D search engine, has just launched the upgraded beta version of their application. Their initial beta release garnered over a half of a million users. Based on feedback from this initial test group they have made the following improvements/upgrades to their application:
1) Improved Sleek Interface which makes searching even easier and more fun.
2) Space Time Zoom- A interactive magnifying glass help highlight whenever the specific search terms show up in the results. This makes it easier to find specific answers to queries.
3) Improved 3D Interaction with Multiple Open Pages.
4) Improved Bookmark and Favorites Functionality.
5) Navigator Widget which allows viewers to zoom, plan and zip through search results much easier.
6) Increased Number of Major Content Partners including Flickr, YouTube, Google, Ebay, Yahoo, and RSS.
7) Intuitive Timeline which lets users quickly browse through content.

If you have not already downloaded a trial version I would suggest giving it a try. It is a really easy, fun and effective way to search the internet. To get a better understanding of how this search engine works and view all of it’s features please click here>>>

On a separate note, is proud to launch a new look to our blog. Please come back often as new articles are posted every day. Our blog’s new tagline, Your Place For All Things 3D, describes our focus on bringing you the latest news in the 3D industry. We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve the blog along with other feedback on our 3D Walkthroughs, 3D Renderings, 3D Floor Plans and other Interactive 3D Products.

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