The Launch of Everyscape 3D Virtual Tours – 3D Map Views Inside Buildings

In September, posted a story about the beta release of Everyscape’s technology lets businesses and organizations build engaging, immersive relationships with consumers through three-dimensional, photo-realistic experiences of cities and towns, streets and sidewalks, building exteriors and interiors.

This morning Everyscape officially opened its doors for business and is seeking to quickly capture images throughout the world. By the end of 2007, EveryScape plans to capture 10 metropolitan areas and 15 additional towns.

Unlike a traditional virtual tour, which spins in a 360 degree circle, this new technology allows you to transport forward, fully experiencing the environment from all angles.

As NYC was one of the first cities to be captured, I was able to test out this cutting edge technology by navigating from Madison Square Garden directly to the office. The result is pictured above.

One of the advantages of this technology over Google Earth is that it also allows you to capture interior views of buildings. Currently interior views are only available in Miami and Aspen. When the view moves from an outside to an inside view, the map window changes from a city view to a blueprint of the layout of the building or room. As you move through the building, the map changes to reflect where you are.

One of the other cool features of this technology is that you can learn more about a specific location by linking from Everyscapes interface to sites such as links to Flickr, Yelp, Wikipedia and YouTube.

Integrating our 3D Walkthroughs, 3D Renderings and 3D Floor Plans into Everyscape’s technology might be an interesting way for visitors to better understand the areas surrounding a new development project we are involved with.

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