Affinova – Maximize the Impact of Your Website as a Marketing Tool

As a partner in an interactive services company, I am well aware of the inherent dangers of designing a website in a vacuum. Designing in a vacuum means the website was designed based on the preferences of the website owner and staff as opposed to what might be most effective for the end user.

When we first started creating websites it was typical for some of our website clients to demand a certain look and feel simply based on their aesthetic tastes. We quickly realized that the problem with this philosophy was while the end product might have been a nice looking website, the website’s various calls to action were not achieving any real success.

After many years of experience we have been able to move away from these types of clients and have gained a wisdom regarding what it takes to truly optmize a website and maximize it’s effectiveness. Are you ready for the answer? Affinova

Whether the objective is to create a new product, reinvigorate an existing brand, or develop a breakthrough marketing plan, Affinnova’s solutions enable marketers to generate and evaluate millions of viable options to find the best ones. Affinnova empowers marketers to unleash their imagination, and innovate with speed and confidence.

Affinnova’s patented IDDEA™ (Interactive Discovery & Design by Evolutionary Algorithms) technology engages consumers to amplify and optimize marketers’ ideas. From an initial set of marketers’ inputs, IDDEA’s “Darwinian” process interacts with consumers to evolve a desired endpoint, such as a new product concept or a new promotion event. Consumers’ preferences provide the critical selection pressure, through which good ideas live to breed better ones, and weak ideas die out. In the end, IDDEA™ identifies the best possible ideas, and draws powerful consumer insights from the evolution process.

For a formal introduction to the contact person at Affinova please contact us at It is amazing that changing a 3D Walkthrough button from one side of the page to another or changing it’s color can have such an impact on lead generation. These are the types of answers that lie within the Affinova algorithm.

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