UpNext- Detailed 3D Map of Every Building in NYC

UpNext, a 4 person New York City start-up, has created a facebook application that bridges the gap between the 2D maps and images seen on Google Maps, Live Maps, and Yahoo Maps. It also brings a new level of functionality to Google Earth and Virtual Earth.

UpNext has launched an extremely detailed 3D map of Manhattan which shows almost every building in the city. In addition to the impressive detail of each building, UpNext’s technology includes the following features: Users can pan and zoom within the 3D map,click on a building to get its full tenant list or even type a specific address to fly directly to the building. Another unique feature of the UpNext technology is the ability to set filters which highlight nearby restaurants, bars, stores, hotels, museums, or sports facilities.

Integrating the UpNext technology into Facebook gives their 3D map added value by allowing a user to benefit from the experiences of all their Facebook friends. The application includes a friend slider for easy sorting and viewing all the places they’ve rated.

3Dwalkthroughs.com thinks the UpNext technology could be a perfect complement to our Custom 3D Walkthroughs, 3D Renderings and 3D Floor Plans by serving as an entry point to our Manhattan based presentations. The ability to learn so much about an area surrounding one of our development projects in Manhattan is extremely valuable to our clients, expecially one viewing the property from a remote location. Hopefully UpNext will get the investment they are looking for so we can utilize their application in other parts of the country.

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