3D Rendering Used in Ocean’s 13

Last night my wife and I decided to stay in and watch Ocean’s 13. Without giving away too much of the movie, the plot involves a heist of sorts of the fictitious Bank Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

As a frequent visitor to Las Vegas we had to stop and think for a second if we ever remember seeing a Bank Hotel. After a few seconds we realized that it was a 3D Rendering interspersed into an actual view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Benedict, the owner of the Bellagio, made a comment about the tower of Bank’s Casino casting a shadow over his pool. The Bank hotel is an orangish glass structure consisting of three symmetrical towers winding around each other like a strand of DNA. The 3D Rendering is actually superimposed on the SE corner of Harmon & Las Vegas Blvd currently the home of the Harley Davidson Café – a single story building with no resemblance to the Bank Casino.

3Dwalkthroughs.com applauds the company that created the 3D rendering as it actually left us wondering if it was real for a second. This is the ultimate goal of any 3D Walkthrough, 3D Floor Plan or 3D Rendering we create.

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