3DVO – Affordable 3D Object Modelling

3Dwalkthroughs.com continues to research new technologies that will promote the move to a more interactive and immersive 3D internet.

Today we came across an interesting company based in Salt Lake City,3DVO, an industry pioneer in 3D modeling services for online retailers. One of their new products, 3DVO Engage, provides both small and large e-retailers with very realistic 3D models of their products that can be animated, rotated and viewed from 360 degrees.

Retailers send their products to 3DVO, and the company rapidly returns 3D images that can be manipulated by the consumer during the online purchasing process. For the first time, mass e-retailers can put all of their products online in 3D as opposed to just their higher end products.

3Dwalkthroughs.com believes this new technology can add a new level of value to the virtual shopping malls that are starting to pop up all over the internet. Instead of just walking through a virtual store and looking at a still picture of a product, this new technology can further immerse the shopper in the experience by letting them interact with the object they might be interested in buying.

“Traditional retail sales are slowing, but online sales are expected to grow 20 percent to $39 billion this holiday season,” said Troy Sheen, CEO of 3DVO. “One way retailers are increasing online sales is by creating a realistic store experience. In the past they could only afford to create 3D models for their flagship products, but with our technology they can create 3D models for every single product – increasing online conversion rates.”

Source: TMC.net

We recommend checking out the 3DVO website as there are some cool examples of this new technology.

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