New 3D Technology Platforms in 2008? spends a good deal of time researching new 3D technology. Part of our research is based on our interest in field, and part is based on our desire to integrate the latest and greatest advancements in 3D technology into our current offerings.

We read a couple of recent articles in prominent industry magazines that suggest that 2007 offered just a taste of what’s to come in the world of 3D. 2008 is expected to be the year for huge advances in 3D technology and virtual world platforms.

The convergence of 3D virtual worlds and social networking platforms is going to kick into high gear. The number of 3D virtual worlds available is also expected to see exponential growth.

It is predicted that 3D virtual worlds are going to get much more specific in their focus. For example, virtual trade shows, virtual stores and virtual fitness centers will be marketed to specific groups as opposed to just integrated into an infinite world such as “Second Life”. These micro 3D virtual worlds are expected to sprout as fast as today’s websites are launched on the internet.

Do it yourself, virtual world templates will be launched which will let anyone easily customize and launch their own virtual world.

We are only a few days away from 2008, and are very excited to continue to bring you the most cutting edge new in 3D in the new year.

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