Interesting Real Estate Site Focused On The 2nd Home Market came across an interesting press release issued by the 2ndhome® Marketing Network regarding their plans to develop new State Pages on their website which will offer up-to-date information and links on vacation home markets across the U.S. The information is gathered from owners of second homes and real estate professionals selling vacation and resort properties.

In addition to information about the local areas, the new state pages seem like perfect places to link 3D Walkthroughs, 3D Renderings and 3D Floor Plans of vacation homes that are not yet built.

When looking at vacation home communities or for places to retire, potential buyers want to have access to in depth information about the local market that they are considering. Many elements enter into the decision about where to buy including: climate, cultural activities, accessibility and other amenities. The more local information that can be made available to these prospective buyers, the more likely they will consider purchasing property in a given community.

The site encourages market-specific comments and links about recurring cultural events, activities, restaurants and other items of interest in second home communities.

About 2nd home specialist

2nd home Specialist is a quarterly digital magazine featuring specialized information for Real Estate Professional who sell vacation, resort, investment and retirement properties. The Specialist serves successful real estate professionals and provides them with a full range of valuable and engaging information.

Each quarter, 2nd home Specialist targets leading real estate professionals who are prospering in a market that the National Association of Real Estate Professional says is the fastest growing in the real estate industry, both domestically and internationally.

The Specialist regularly showcases products and services along with articles of interest to these same professionals. It enables Real Estate Professional to better serve clients here and abroad, make their businesses more competitive in this rapidly evolving market, generate leads, make referrals, and build a repeat base of satisfied clients.

The Specialist features a searchable Referral Network which allows Real Estate Professional to locate other Real Estate Professional by locations and/or expertise. The Specialist is also linked to our powerful and easy to use world class web site, It is a specially designed, secure and easy to use site, which allows you to seamlessly and easily add and edit your listing data.

Source: 2nd Home Specialist Website

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