In Vision Inkjet Printer – Create Full Color Physical Models from 3D Data

One of the benefits of the entire suite of products including: 3D Walkthroughs, 3D Renderings,3D Floor Plans and Interactive 3D products is the ability to view a property from anywhere in the world before it is built.

Sometimes, however, the ability to touch and feel a physical model of an architectural design can offer benefits that cannot be derived from computer generated models.

London based, Thinglab have created a service that takes computer based 3D models and literally “prints” them into an actual, physical model using a specialised inkjet printer.

The process involves breaking the 3D model down into cross sections, and then printing them a layer at a time, from the bottom up. The specialized printer can even print complex models with holes in them. This is mandatory if windows and other architecutal details are to be shown accurately.

The printer is available to buy, although due to the cost it is not really aimed at the home market. Using the ThingLab service a single model can be created starting at around $600.00.

In addition to architectural models, the printer can also generate realistic topography models as well as 3D objects, medical devices and more.

For more information about this service you can check out Thinglab’s website here>>>

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