American Cannibal Voted Best Documentary of 2007 by Kurt Loder of MTV is excited to announce that American Cannibal was voted the best documentary of 2007 by Kurt Loder of MTV.

As associate producers of the American Cannibal we are very pleased with this announcement. The movie has been released on DVD and is available for purchase at video stores nation wide. It will also start airing on Showtime in the middle of January and continue into the beginning of February.

American Cannibal pushes beyond Fahrenheit/911 and Supersize Me to break new ground in documentary territory.

Rather than forcing situations and twisting facts to tell a story, filmmakers Perry Grebin & Michael Nigro spent two and a half years twisting real life itself, and the result is the story.

The filmmakers began American Cannibal in 2004 as a bold social experiment with reality. The set in motion real events that allowed them unlimited access to the results, pushing their cameras deep into the glitterdome of reality-TV production to emerge with an equally bold exposé.

They watch as struggling writers earnestly pitch TV ideas, eventually selling out to the man behind the Paris Hilton sex tape. The sadistic, shameless reality show they churn out is documented from start to finish: from throwaway pitch to manic auditions through train-wreck production.

Alongside the drama, the filmmakers interview prominent producers, psychologists, network execs, celebrities and “D-lebrities,” who offer candid insight and scathing judgements on our society.

American Cannibal is a documentary as wild as the story behind it: a shocking, hilarious, bona fide portrait of our celebrity-driven culture and the appalling lengths we’ll go to for entertainment.

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