Con Artist – Film Trailer Released is excited to announce that our friend Michael Sladek of Plug Ugly Films in cooperation with Acme Pictures (American Cannibal) has released a trailer of their new movie, Con Artist.

The trailer can be viewed here>>>

About Con Artist
Famously controversial and eccentric multi-millionaire artist / media provocateur Mark Kostabi is one of the most successful living painters
in America, selling over 1500 canvases every year. His works have sold to the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan, the Guggenheim
and numerous other major institutions worldwide. But Kostabi doesn’t paint “his” own paintings. In fact, he doesn’t even come up with the
ideas for “his” paintings. Instead, he employs others to do these tasks for him. And this approach, which he’s openly employed since his
meteoric rise to fame in New York’s explosive 1980s Post-Punk art scene, is what made him internationally famous.

Over twenty years of on camera scrutiny have honed Kostabi’s skills as a showman and as an expert deflector of criticism. But his
behind-the-scenes preparations and fakery are laughingly illuminated before our cameras as the line between performance and reality
breaks down. As Kostabi constantly displays his manipulations in art, performance, business, and his personal life, he and his staff prepare
a major move while producing a weekly cable access game show in his bustling New York studio. When he leaves for Rome (where he
meets the Pope, sips espresso, rubs elbows with international celebs, and sells “his” art on national TV) Kostabi’s staff moves his huge
studio for him, whilst a budding love affair and every inch of what he does is called in to question. The insanity eventually crescendos as
unexpected revelations leave one wondering what, if anything Kostabi does, is real.

CON ARTIST is a docu-comedy feature film about artists, the business of art, and the fine line between reality and perception. Along the
way we’ll meet a large number of celebrities, critics and experts who will help frame the underlying narrative about artists and art, celebrity
and image: What are artists? Are the clichés true? Are they brooding and broke? Left wing liberals? Wanton sex freaks with flamoyant
natures? Can a businessman be an artist? An athlete? A game show host? Are celebrities ever what they seem or is everything an act?
Has money ruined art? What’s the current boom in the art market all about? Does talent matter? Does art itself matter? Who decides
what’s good? Who decides what sells? Is it all just another business? And where does a strange figure like Mark Kostabi fit in all of this?
Is modern art a con and is he, in fact, “the world’s greatest con artist”?

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