Can 3D Renderings Be Created if CAD files are unavailable? is often asked by clients what can be done if the CAD files we typically use as our guide to build pinpoint accurate 3D Walkthroughs, 3D Renderings and 3D Floor Plans are incomplete or unavailable.

The answer is Alot.

While completed CAD files are necessary if the overall goal is accuracy, watercolors, sketch drawings, reference pictures and 2D Floor Plans can be used to create very good conceptional representations.

One of our clients asked us to create a 3D rendering of a house but did not have the completed CAD files. A few months prior, they had a watercolor created but it did not seem to be doing the trick as far as marketing the property effectively. In addition to the watercolor the client was able to provide us with basic elevations and reference pictures describing some of the exterior features. The results are above.

We are currently working on creating 3D renderings of the interior of the same property and will then move on to creating a full 3D walkthrough of the property.

Homebuilders that are trying to sell empty lots with a prospect of building a home on the property should seriously consider creating 3D assets to entice potential buyers…it sure beats showing pictures of a vacant plot of land.

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