New 3D Mouse To Enhance The Experience in Virtual Worlds

California based Sandio Technology Corporation, demonstrated its 3D mouse at the 2008International CES show that opened today in Las Vegas. The Sandio 3D Game O2 was designed to enhance a users experience in Google Earth, Virtual Earth and virtual worlds such as Second Life. The main benefit of the Sandio 3D mouse is allowing users to navigate the 3D Internet without dealing with keyboard or on-screen navigation tabs.

Another benefit of the Sandio 3D mouse is users of CAD software like Google SketchUp and AutoDesk’s 3D Studio Max can move along and rotate about the x, y, z axis in both Screen and Camera modes without switching between 3D objects and operation


In the short term, will be testing the new mouse with the virtual world technology we have been working with. Down the road, we hope to utilize the new mouse to help navigate within our interactive 3D Walkthroughs.

About Sandio Technologies
Sandio Technology Corporation was founded in 2004. Headquartered in San Jose, its mission is to enhance users’ 3D experience by developing and marketing 3D input devices with true 6DOF motion control, based on its patented 3D input technology. 3D internet users and PC gamers enjoy more, while CAD engineers and artists gain
productivity with Sandio 3D mouse. Industrial 3D applications, like 3D GPS, robotic control, medical, automotive and military, can take advantage of Sandio’s 3D input technology.

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