Virtual Combat Convoy Trainer

A partnership between FATS, Inc.(Firearms Training Systems) and Lockheed Martin has produced the Virtual Combat Convoy Trainer, designed to train drivers and gunners of military vehicles how to identify a potential ambush, identify improvised explosive devices (IEDs), avoid an ambush, return fire, maneuver and react appropriately in the Contemporary Operating Environment (COE).

Recent combat operations have demonstrated the need for convoy combat training as our soldiers are shown to be more vulnerable than previously expected.

The VCCT combines the FATS Small Arms Trainer, Indirect Fire Trainer and Close Air Support Trainer with the Lockheed Martin, Close Combat Tactical Trainer. This provides a true, combined arms training solution that provides the greatest customer value by simulating real world situations that are difficult if not impossible to replicate in traditional training.

FATS virtual training systems utilize realistic 3D computer imaging to imitate terrain and targets. A combined arms environment is created with simulated field artillery, mortars, the ability to call naval gunfire and close air support. FATS virtual training systems provide accurate, real-time diagnostics and include the ability to review missionsafter each training session. is always interested in the real life benefits that can be derived from the use of 3D and virtual technology…in this case our interest is mulitplied as helps to save our solider’s lives.

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