Feel Like Flying To Work? VRWorkplace.com Makes It a Reality

3Dwalkthroughs.com came across an interesting application utilizing 3D Virtual World Technology. VRWorkplace was founded by Dave Elchoness, an experienced attorney and HR consultant, who realized that there were many challenges facing organizations that struggle to maintain and improve productivity and efficiency despite distance, cultural differences, and tight travel budgets. A 3D virtual environment could tackle a lot of these challenges and make a person’s location irrelevant.

VRWorkplace advises enterprises on how virtual reality can benefit their employees, customers, and members. The service provides a realistic and practical way of eliminating the challenges of distance, improving collaboration, and enriching relationships.

Source: VRWorkplace.com

We believe early adopters and pioneers such as Dave will play a big role in the success and utilization of 3D Virtual Worlds for “Real World Business” applications.

Aside from entrepeneurs such as Dave, an increased number open minded CEO’s will also be required for this type of technology to explode. We thoroughly believe that in 3-5 years, websites as we know them today will be obsolete, and companies such as VRWorkplace will be the norm.

Another interesting note: IBM launched a TV spot during the Playoff games on Saturday which talked about virtual world technology, and the debate over whether or not real business could get done in a virtual environment. I think the answer to that questions lies in the fact that IBM was willing to pay the exhorbitant amount of money it costs to post an ad during a playoff game.

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