The New Standard In Home Theaters? 360 Degree 3D Cinema just became aware of the world’s first 360 degree 3D cinema, debuting now at the University of New South Wales.

As part of the Sydney Festival, the university’s iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research is showcasing its “T-Visionarium”, a virtual reality theatre that is 10metres wide and 4metres high.

Wearing 3D glasses, a Cinema goer steps into the cylindrical cinema, selects the video clips they want to watch using a computer program, and produce and direct where they want the story to go.

From the 30-metre-curved screen, the viewers experience being surrounded by hundreds of Australian television broadcast clips moving in three dimensions.

Source: The Epoch Times

The T-Visionarium is not only being used as entertainment, but is also being used as an immersive 3D training tool. Four mining companies have already purchased the technology to train their workers on proper maintenance techniques, how to work machinery underground, as well as the obvious, emergency response protocol.

About TVisionarium Mk II
TVisionarium Mk II is “an immersive eye-popping stereo 3D interactive 360-degree experience where a user can search through a vast database of television shows and rearrange their shots in the virtual space that surrounds them.”

Click Here for a YouTube video which describes the immersive 3D experience

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