SceneWeaver – Easily Export 3D Scenes Across All Platforms

SceneCaster, a 3D social media application and online community gives users the ability to visualize their ideas, share them, and make them real. SceneCaster bridges the gap between the virtual and real worlds by linking the 3D Web experience to online storefronts, product catalogs from leading brands and retailers, social networks, and consumers’ dreams.

Source: SceneCaster Website

Launced in 2007, SceneCaster has just announced a major upgrade to their SceneCaster platform. The new feature called SceneWeaver was designed to provide users with more exportable options for 3D scenes created with its application.

One of the huge features of Sceneweaver is that it allows scenes created with SceneCaster, to maintain it’s interactive features, even when it is embedded into other websites, blogs or social networks.

SceneWeaver is being touted as a great new advertising tool as it allows scene creators to embed real consumer products which can be purchased directly from the site. SceneWeaver has also become one of the most popular 3D applications on Facebook.
believes we will look back on SceneWeaver in a few years as the application that helped us take the first big step towards a completely 3D internet.

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