3D Floor Plans Used For Hotel Marketing

3Dwalkthroughs.com is launching a new line of products focused on the Hotel industry. The first product to be released is a realistic 3D Floor Plan of a hotel room. The plans can be created from 2D Floor Plans, CAD files and reference pictures of the hotel rooms finishing details.

We believe this product will be extremely valuable for travelers that want to get a true sense of the layout of their hotel room before they book. Most hotel websites include basic photos of room types and some have 2D Floor Plans or even virtual tours. In many cases these media types are confusing and do not do a good job at providing an easy to understand representation of a rooms layout.

We have just started to develop this product for a few test hotels within a major franchise. Once we determine the best vantage points to show a hotel room we plan on introducing this product to other hotel chains across the country.

If other media types exist, we can attach them to a fully branded interface, making the 3D Floor Plan interactive. We will be launching this demo in the next few weeks.

One Response to 3D Floor Plans Used For Hotel Marketing

  1. Adil Atique says:

    Would like to comment on the CAD filed prduct. In the hotel industry we need something unique and some thing that is practical and easir for customers to bring a view of ultimate products to rock the show and stand out…Its 2008 we need it to be better the floor plans or virtual setup

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