to Launch 3D Virtual Trade Show

As we have mentioned a few times over the past weeks, is getting close to launching will build custom designed 3D virtual venues for “real world” business to business applications.

We will be announcing all the available features in a few weeks but here is a preview of some of the features: All 3D Virtual Venues offer real time, avatar to avatar interaction via VOIP, text messaging and even existing conference call platforms. From picking up and viewing the most intimate details of a 3D object to viewing a movie, opening interactive flyers or holding a large seminar, 3D Virtual Venues allows you to interact with your audience as if you were standing in the same room.

With our the launch of coming close, it is encouraging to hear that other companies are also using 3D virtual tradeshows to complement their real world business strategies., a social network for franchising launched in 2006, announced today plans to develop a 3D virtual tradeshow on the Second Life.

The company plans to launch the first tradeshow April 14, 2008, and maintain this community by building out virtual re-creations of entire franchise locations on its’ own virtual island in Second Life, Franchise Island. Services offered to franchisors will be the creation and placement of their own ‘franchised’ locations on other users’ property on Second Life. Access to the Island will be limited to an invite only basis initially. Integration with physical franchising tradeshows such as the International Franchise Expo and the International Franchise Tradeshow is also being planned.


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