3D Cyber Convention Big Hit in Real Estate Industry

It is no secret that 3Dwalkthroughs.com is getting close to launching 3Dvirtualvenues.com. A company focused on creating custom designed, 3D virtual venues for real world business to business applications.

Today an article on the RISMEDIA website validates our forray into 3D virtual world technology.

According to the article, 38,000 real estate professionals immersed themselves in the latest ideas, training and products at the RISMedia sponsored Seventh Annual National Real Estate Cyber Convention and Exposition held from February 11 to February 18th. Virtual attendees from 23 countries enjoyed the festivities during the seven-day event. The completely online event is produced annually by the Real Estate Cyberspace Society, a professional real estate organization with over 10,000 members and 120 Chapters worldwide.

According to John M. Peckham III, the Society’s executive director, attendees participated in 33 educational sessions, plus convention keynote talks by Dave Liniger, Stu Siegel, and showcase talks by leaders such as Stefan Swanepoel, Michael Russer and Microsoft’s Bill Gates. They made 112, 405 visits to the 190 booths at the Convention Expo and while at the booths talked directly to vendors, purchased products/services and made 23,694 requests for additional information.

Source: RISMEDIA.com

In addition to the large attendance, the other encouraging statistic is the sheer number of booth visits and requests for additional information. It is one thing for people to just drop in to see what a 3D exhibition hall looks like, it is quite another for people to interact with such frequency. As the graphics and functionality of 3D platforms continues to improve we expect the attendance of 3D virtual trade shows to blow past real life trade shows.

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