ThinkWare’s 3D Navigation System – Making It Impossible To Get Lost?

Based on the direction that navigation systems are heading, soon we might not need to look out of the windshield to see where we are going…well, not exactly, but close.

A new 3D navigation system has hit the market in Korea by a company called ThinkWare. The navigation system features highly detailed 3D maps that show every imaginable aspect of the travelled route.

Thinkware’s iNAVI K2 boasts a 7-inch 800 x 600 resolution touchscreen, DMB TV tuner, 500MHz processor, picture-in-picture support, integrated media player and AV input. You’ll also find a headphone jack, USB port, built-in antenna, SD expansion slot, stereo speakers and some form of karaoke game — which is likely worth the price of admission alone.


Unfortunately it does not appear like Thinkware’s device will be available any time soon in the United States. With that being said, is pretty confident that it is just a matter of time before a similar 3D technology is developed and made available here in America.

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