Nassau Physicians Foundation’s Interactive Services partner Launchsight Solutions is proud to announce the launch of the Nassau Physician’s Foundation website.

The Nassau Physicians Foundation was started by Dr. Bilha Fish, founder of the Pathways Women’s Health. PWH was established as a division of Manhasset Diagnostic Imaging in 1995, and due to its success has recently relocated to a new 7500 square foot contiguous facility.

About The Nassau Physicians Foundation
Nassau Physicians Foundation was founded approximately four years ago by Bilha Chesner Fish, M.D.

NPF exists to provide a stimulating environment for physicians who are drawing strength from their passion and who are willing to enrich each other’s lives. We are partners with the community in which we live and are committed to donating our time and expertise to educational and charitable endeavors. We pledge to be proactive to pertinent and current health issues.

Within the past four years, NWPF has held three fundraisers benefiting Cardiac Research for Women, Stroke Research for Women, and most recently, Alzheimer’s Research. The honorees have been some of the most respected and renowned physicians in the respective areas of specialization: Dr. Nieca Goldberg, Dr. Ralph Sacco and Dr. Tanja Rundek, and Dr. Richard Mayeux and Dr. Karen Marder. As a new organization, we are proud to have raised a signi-ficant amount of funds that were directed to medical research. For our 2008 fundraising gala, we have collaborated with the American Cancer Society and are very enthusiastic about this endeavor. Dr. Bilha Chesner Fish has been named the recipient of the Humanitarian Award and both Drs. Conte and Sullivan will be the recipients of Physicians of Distinction. The gala will be held May 30, 2008.

In conjunction with their commitment to the community, NPF also participates in Pathways Women’s Health Complimentary Seminar Series in offering Medical lectures as a community service. Initiated twelve years ago by Dr. Bilha Fish, Director of Pathways and President of NPF, the community service program was the first of its kind on Long Island offerred by a private practi-tioner. The basis of the program is to provide accurate medical information with which individuals can make informed choices. Given the changes in health insurance resulting in abbreviated contact with physicians, these seminars present a unique opportunity for individuals to gain a greater understanding of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various medical conditions. This program is extremely valued by the community it serves and has been hailed for its contribution to health education by such organizations as the Town of Hempstead, About Face, Nassau County League of Women Voters, NOW, and Working Women magazine.

Additionally, the organization participated in the petition to Congress to extend a woman’s hospital stay following mastectomy surgery. They intend to remain pro-active in health issues.

The goal of Nassau Physicians Foundation is to offer more extensive community service programs that focus on all aspects of health and address prevention, diagnosis and the latest treatment options to assist individuals in making informed choices. In addition to this Cardiovascular Health Fair a second program, chaired by Dr. Rory Breidbart, will be held on Sunday, 21 September focusing on Diabetes, Obesity, and Bariatrics.

Source: Nassau Physicians Website

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