DAZ 3D – New 3D Modeling Software Can Export To Second Life

3Dwalkthroughs.com came across an article on Macworld.com about a 3D modeling application developer whose upgraded product will allow 3D models to be exported to Second Life.

The company, DAZ 3D has announced the release of Hexagon 2.5, a new version of its 3D polygonal and subdivision modeling software for Mac OS X and Windows.

Hexagon features tools for modeling 3D objects, refining them, mapping UV, texturing and previewing. It features freehand brush modeling with displacement brushes that can smooth, pinch, inflate geometry and add details. 3D paint tools let you apply textures using brushes, too.

New to the 2.5 release is the ability to export primitive objects to TGA format, which can be read by Linden Labs’ virtual world software Second Life. The developers say that this lets Second Life users create more complex and organic shapes than they can in Second Life itself.

Source: Macworld.com

We believe the ability to import 3D models into virtual worlds from external sources will accelerate the improvement of the overall look and feel that can be achieved in 3D virtual worlds. We are excited to see some of the 3D models created by the new version of Hexagon actually integrated into Second Life.


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