Samsung – 3D High Definition TV launched in Australia

Next month Samsung will unveil the first commercially available 3D enabled television in Australia.

The brand new technology has been built into a 1080p full high-definition plasma television manufactured by Samsung which can display 3D movies, games and internet content when connected to a PC.

The technology requires the use of special glasses to deliver the full 3D effect.
The PC, which must be connected to the television, helps the device to interpret the 3D graphics and coordinates communication with the glasses.

With a lot of the major movie networks recently stating their plans to create many of their new movies in a 3D format, Samsung’s 3D TV is sure to be a hot seller.

Manufacturers such as Philips are also working on 3D television technologies that do away with need for glasses altogether, to simplify the viewing experience for consumers.

Image and Date Source: The Sydney Morning Herald is hopeful that this same 3D technology will soon be unveiled in the United States. Perhaps our next movie will be in 3D…American Cannibal 2 in 3D.

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