Is Apple Getting into 3D Video Games? came across an interesting article on the website which suggests that Apple may be launching a 3D video game system in the near future.

We heard rumblings about this news ourselves right after Apple officially filed a patent for a 3D gaming controller that will work with the Apple TV.

There is a definite explosion in 3D video games that encourage actual physical participation in the game. Imagine a physical gaming experience that was more than just a game; what if your time spent playing games was actually teaching you a new skill?

Educational gaming has been tried before, but Apple might be the ones to bring it mainstream. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the integration of current Apple software into some new games. Imagine combining the physical instruments of Guitar Hero with the real life mixing and recording capabilities of Apple’s Garageband. Such a game could actually teach its user to play the guitar, or any other instrument.


Sounds like the team members of our new project, should keep their ears to the ground to see what apple has planned for the “excergaming” market.

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