A Business Guide To 3D Virtual Worlds

In a sign that the growing multiverse is attempting to be taken more seriously in the mainstream market as a real business tool, The Association of Virtual Worlds has just published the first Business Guide to Virtual Worlds. The guide lists over 30 virtual world solutions, vendors, or providers, for businesses and organizations.

“The Internet has changed the way businesses and organizations attract and educate customers, recruit and train their staffs and promote their brands, products and services,” explains Dave Elchoness, Executive Director. “The next evolution of the Internet is Web 3D–an Internet that transforms the web from ‘sites’ to ‘places’ where users can ‘see’ each other, interact together, and experience products and services in 3D. An Internet where engagement feels like real life is rapidly taking shape. As a former global executive and HR attorney, I am passionate about the promise of web 3D and know that it will transform how business is done on many levels.”


3Dwalkthroughs.com believes that it will take continued a continued effort by organizations such as The Association of Virtual Worlds to get the mainstream to adopt 3D Virtual applications as “real” business solutions.

We have found that many business leaders believe 3D virtual world technology is “cool” and valuable, but are somewhat hesistant to be the pioneers in the adoption of this technology.

We are confident that in a few years from now we will look back on the days when people actually believed 3D virtual world technology was not going to catch on in the mainstream market.

The free publications can be found here>>

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