Worlds Largest Cinema Operator To Add 1500 3D Screens

According to an article in the NY Times, Regal, Americas largest cinema operator is added 1500 screens capable of showing 3D movies.

As many of the major movie studios plan on producing their new movies in 3D, this move only makes sense. Companies such as Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks just to name a few, have publicly stated that they are going to be focusing a majority of their production on 3D films in the coming year.

In addition to the sheer number of new 3D films, expects there to be a boom in level of special effects and techniques that are integrated into these new 3D movies. With more people capable of viewing the movies in theaters coupled with the fact that this technology is not yet available in home theaters, 3D just may be the technology that puts butts back in theater seats…at least until home theater technology catches up.

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