SoftKinetic – 3D Sensing Technology came across an article on about a company that is acting as the software intermediary between camera makers and game developers. The goal of the software is to reduce or eliminate the need for Wii or other type of gaming controllers.

Using cameras mounted on a TV or computer, movements of the human body would be captured, and with a combination of sophisticated hardware and software, extrapolated into three dimensions (the exact details vary by company).

The company, SoftKinetic makes a software development kit (SDK) and API that makes the switch to gesture recognition simple for game makers. According to the article this has been one of the hurdles of the mainstream adoption of sensor based gaming. The other two are price and quality of the cameras.


We are excited about the possibility of this technology, especially as we continue to make plans for It is our belief that once sensing technology works through the kinks, we will see an explosion in the amount of 3D video games that are focused on promoting exercise and activity.

The Wii controllers have been a great start, but the movement is somewhat limited. Once the body is totally unhibited the possibilities as it relates to physical fitness is unbelievable.

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