3D Walkthroughs and Choosing The Right Music

3Dwalkthroughs.com prides itself on helping developers to sell their vision as well as their properties. One of the most important post production elements which can help to accomplish both of these goals is the correct selection of music.

Similar to how music is used in movies to help tell a story, music help breathe life into even somewhat ordinary 3D Walkthroughs. If the movement of the animation is properly choreographed with the right music, the results can be extremely powerful.

The first step in choosing the right music is understanding the goal of the 3D presentation as well as the demographic that the property is being marketed to. Once this is accomplished choosing the correct music is much easier.

Selecting music that is annoying or too distracting could actually work against what it is trying to accomplish… Metallica would probably not be the best choice if the 3D Walkthrough was demonstrating an old age home.

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