Fitspott – the spott where fitness and life collide

As promised, every Friday will be posting updates on the development progress of Fitspott. Well, here it goes, development continues to roll along on schedule, with a soft launch date estimated to be around September 1st.

In the last week we have added a few new features to the site that we expect to be part of the initial launch, even though they are relatively major additions. We believe the combination of the features we had already planned along with these new features are really going to set us far apart from what is currently available on the market.

In addition to the development of the platform itself we are also excited to unveil our new tagline. Our entire team has struggled with creating a concise tagline that accurately represents what Fitspott is all about. As soon as the words came out of our creative directors mouth, we knew she nailed it.

The new tagline for Fitspott is: the spott where fitness and life collide.
Our goal is to create an extremely robust networking platform where fitness principles, techniques, philosophy’s, goals etc. collide with the coolest gear, gadgets, music, equipment, media, technologies and other lifestyle elements.

We encourage you to go to to sign up for the free private beta launch. We are confident that you will be blown away once we launch. Check back next Friday for another update.

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