3Dgolfcourse.com – 3D Technology To Help Golfers Preview Course

A strategic partnership in La Jolla California has developed a 3D technology that can help golfers preview the course and strategize their game plan before stepping a foot on the green. The technology was created within the research and development teams of Pacific GIS and Terra Imaging.

Much like property developers use the 3D assets of 3Dwalkthroughs.com to show potential buyers what they are getting before it is built, 3D Golf Course will allow golfers to see a golf course in fine detail right from their computer.

About 3D Golf Course
Introducing RECON-GC, our new geo-intelligent, GPS golf cart navigation system. Within the RECON – GC™ environment, each hole can be viewed, navigated and identified at the touch of the screen. Options for the golfer are unlimited. The golfer has the ability to view the entire course in a map (“top view”) perspective and more importantly, the golfer can toggle to a 3D layout (3 Dimensional [x, y, z]).

This new 3D perspective view allows the golfer to assess, strategize and commit to the planned golf approach while using, geo-specific, true imagery… and the highest possible range accuracies.

We use aerial photography and high-resolution satellite imagery to model each of our 3D Golf Course™ projects. Our decision to use geospecific imagery vs. artist drawings was simple. We did not want “false landscape” creations or artist renditions. This was a simple choice for us,we wanted the best, we wanted aerial photogrammetry (engineering certified aerial photography) of each golf course and we wanted highest possible topographic accuracies and 3D terrain models.

Source: 3Dgolfcourse.com website

For many of the male golfers we know, 3Dgolfcourse.com is going to make them very happy…not sure if it will have the same effect on their wives.

One Response to 3Dgolfcourse.com – 3D Technology To Help Golfers Preview Course

  1. A quick update for 2009.

    Looking forward we will be releasing our technology on two distinct platforms, Windows Mobile and the Iphone. As with all 3D Golf Course projects, the use of high resolution imagery and hyper accurate GPS will set us apart from any apparent competition.

    Look out for a new website design and launch this month.

    Karl Engstrom
    Chief Technology Officer

    Pacific GIS and Terra Imaging – Developers and Producers of 3D Golf Course.

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