Modaris 3D Fit – Using 3D Technology To Improve The Efficiency in Clothing Design

Several months ago posted months ago about a company that is using 3D techology to improve efficiency within the fashion industry. The technology developed by a French company, Lectra, is called Modaris 3D Fit. Recently Lectra announced a significant upgrade to their product which they claim makes their product the highest performance virtual 3D prototyping solution on the market.

About Modaris 3D Fit

Modaris 3D Fit is a significant advance in CAD technology. By allowing garment fitting to be verified and validating styles and collections, this 3D virtual prototyping solution, the most powerful on the market, will reduce the number of physical prototypes needed and facilitate exchanges within the business (between pattern designers, stylists, developers, sales and marketing teams), and between order givers and sub-contractors regardless of how many there are and where they are located.

Combined with Lectra’s modeling solutions, Modaris and PGS, the market’s reference products, Modaris 3D Fit will enable apparel industry professionals to manage the continual growth in collections and the ever increasing personalization of models. This innovative solution complements Lectra’s product offering in terms of designing, developing and producing products as well as product life cycle management (PLM).

Image and Content Source: Lectra Website

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