3Dwalkthroughs.com at the Montreal Jazz Festival 2008

3Dwalkthroughs.com is lucky to have booked a trip to Montreal during the first few days of their annual Jazz Festival. Based on the crowd during the day when we arrived, we were not expecting what we experienced when we went back at night.

The streets were flooded with people listening to music on one of the many stages that had live jazz musicians doing their thing. All the streets surrounding the festival were closed and there were many activities available for kids as well as adults.

Here are some of the features of the festival taken directly from the Montreal Jazz Festival’s Website– 3,000 artists from 30 countries

– More than 650 concerts, including 450 free outdoor performances

– Close to 2.5 million peaceful festivalgoers, including 34% of tourists and excursionists

– 400 accredited journalists

– 10 free outdoor stages

– 10 concert halls

The attached picture was taken from on top of a landing and was focused on the crowd surrounding the main stage. One thing we noticed was that as crowded as the Festival area was, the vibe was very peaceful even though you were allowed to drink on the street…and drink we did.

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