The July "This has absolutely nothing to do with 3D post"

While doing research for new camera technologies I came across a interesting new technology being offered by Polaroid. You remember Polaroid, the point, shoot and shake the negative camera.

The new technology is called The Polaroid PoGo™ and is an Instant Mobile Printer that uses ZINK™ or Zero Ink™ Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging. PoGo™ Instant Mobile Printer provides a new, innovative way to share digital photos directly from your camera cell phone or digital camera, instantly.

A few interesting features about this new technology include:

– 2×3″ borderless color images in under a minute
– Prints without ink using ZINK™ Zero Ink™ Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging
– Connects to cellphones or digital cameras through blue tooth or USB imagines the PoGo and Zink technology will soon be able to create much larger prints as well. You can learn a little more about this cool new technology and see a sample video of PoGo in action at this link.

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