3DInternet.com – Hyper-Reality

If you want to check out a company creating really innovative products in the 3D arena you should visit the website of 3DInternet.com. The company has been around for a while but they recently launched a new website which has some very impressive demos and a preview of their new hyper-reality technology.

The level of realism they have achieved with their 3D products are quite groundbreaking. Their 3D malls, 3D job fairs and 3D collaboration products are much closer to real life than any other competitive products we have seen. 3Dwalkthroughs.com was also impressed with their architectural 3D products.

About 3DInternet.com
3DInternet provides a broad range of services that range from 3D Interactive Training Simulators, 3D application simulations, Design & Marketing, Virtual Tours and Online Shopping. Current projects being developed using our hyper-reality technologies include 3D shopping, 3D job fairs and recruitment, 3D collaboration services and online conventions and meetings. Leading the way globally, we are focused on providing professional services to all sectors of the economy.

Image and Content Source: 3DInternet.com website

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