Fitspott Friday Update (July 25, 2008) and the rest of the Fitspott team are gearing up to hit the marketing circuit next week. Our graphic design team is putting the finishing touches on our initial marketing materials and we are ready to start telling the world many of the details of what we have planned.

Up until now we have been quite vague about the details but the time has come to spill the beans…well some of them anyway. We are still encouraging people to sign up for the beta launch and the numbers continue to climb.

We are not naive enough to believe that everything is going to be perfect when we first launch. We look forward to the feedback, good and bad, that will be derived from our intial beta group.

Next week we are also planning to launch a few press releases to various media outlets. We understand that it is hard for people to get terribly excited about Fitspott without being able to see what it is all about. As we start to release some of these details, we are confident the excitement will grow quite rapidly.

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