ExitReality – Turning Social Networks into 3D Virtual Worlds with the click of a button

3Dwalkthroughs.com came across an interesting application that it plans on investigating further. The application is called ExitReality and allows every web page or social network to be viewed in 3D. People viewing the same web page or social networking page in ExitReality’s application in 3D can meet, chat and connect as 3D avatars with 3D instant messenger.

Apparently the application was originally be used exclusively for social networking sites but it is expanding its target to all types of websites. One of the features of ExitReality is the user’s ability to decorate or customise their own web space with 3D objects.

Simple yet powerful drag-and-drop technology allows users to add 3D objects they find across the web and add them to their 3D web space. There is no need to copy and paste embedded html code. Users simply drag and drop the objects into their web space and save.

Source: ExitReality Website

I am very interested to see how many people consistently utilize this type of technology to spruce up their social networking experience. It sounds like an interesting concept and I believe a lot of people will try it, but whether or not they continue to use it that might be another thing. Perhaps Fitspott will serve as a good testing ground to find the answer to this question.

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