3D in the Courtroom Part 2 (Medical Animation)

In yesterday’s post, 3Dwalkthroughs.com discussed how 3D animation is helping lawyers to visually demonstrate their cases. Whether this means re-creating someone falling off a balcony or getting hit by a car, attorneys are using 3D animation to make or defend their cases in the courtoom.

Another huge application for 3D animation is the medical industry. 3D animations can help to attorneys demonstrate whether or not there was any malpractice by a physician. Obviously every last detail of a medical 3D animation needs to correct as the opposing attorney will seek to discredit the 3D animation at every turn.

Another less confrontational use of medical animation is by pharmaceutical companies. Drug companies often use 3D animations to help demonstrate how a specific drug works on the body. This can be used to train reps of the company as well as for sales of marketing of the drug to the public.

The reason I posted about this type of animation for two days in a row is that it is quite fascinating and different than the architectural 3D animation we typically write about.

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